Would love to see improved subtitle management

I recently had to adjust subtitles, and found it a major pain. The subtitles had to be adjusted up to 15000 milliseconds. Holding the button down only worked for a few ticks, so was required to continually press the button, over 100 times!

Was also disappointed when the setting didn’t keep after the device was powered off once. Such a major pain…

Hi, welcome to the community.

This does sound like a good idea, however the Ideas section for this device is not yet available. You can post it on the ideas board for this device once available. You can also Contact Support and share your idea with them.

Share with support? From my recent experience, they can’t do anything, and I’ve spent over a month on a revolving issue. Nothing but missed calls and continually answering the same question.

It’s a shame, as ‘support’ doesn’t realize that the software support for this device was minimal at best, and is now non existent.