Worst Warranty Services as my experience

Worst Warranty Services as my experience

Let me tell you the story from beginning:

I opened a brand new box of Sharespce and tried to set it up. One of the hard drives light was not flash right.  After I logged in to it and checked the hard drive part, I found one of the hard drives did not function. I swapped it to different slots, whatever the slots this hard drive plugged in. The light of that slot showed had problem. That was a dead hard drive.

I called the Western Digital warranty services, one of the tech told me he would create the ticket and I would get three e-mails afterward. That was on Nov., 23, 2009.

I was waiting but I did not get any e-mail. So I called back, another guy told me he could not find any record about my warranty service and he created another ticket for me, also he told me the same thing about the three e-mails notification. I waited to next day and got nothing. I called back again and was told it needed to wait 48 hours for the data updating. I waited for two more days, no e-mail.  (Up to now, I did not get any e-mail regarding my RMA status (I check my e-mail address with their tech and online by myself, it is the correct e-mail address)).

I called again, one of the tech told me to check online using the RMA number. I did and got no information. Called them again, this time one tech guided me to different link. I got the information and the shipping instruction.

But the instruction was so strict. I had to use the material they wanted to pack the hard drive (if not, your warranty would be avoid) and paid the shipping cost. I did not have the material they wanted for pack the hard drive and the right size box for shipping. So I called back asked if I could return the whole Sharespace with its original package since it was brand new. They agreed. So I shipped whole thing back and waited 5-7 business days to get the replacement. It was not a new Sharespace and in a loosing box. Its space filled with wrapped paper. It was definitely not packed as the way they demanded to their customer to do.  There was a box for parts also. I opened it and found out, there were two power cords in this box but none of them was American standard. They had the different plugging heads. They could not be used in USA.

I called back again, a girl told me they would send me right one but I had to wait another 5-7 business days.

I waited, nothing happened. I called back again and listened the long recording of the instruction again. One of the supervisors told me he would check this case and would call me back within 24 hours. I waited to next day, no any call. I called back and listened the long recording of the instruction again. Then I was told it was out of stack. I would get one next Monday, or the latest could be next Tuesday.

I waited again, nothing happened. I had to call back again. They checked and told me there was no stack of it. He would try to find one for me. Since the beginning, I told them what I needed was the right power cord (American standard), I had the adapter already. This time also, I corrected him and addressed what I wanted was the American standard power cord not the adapter. He told me to wait 24-48 hours to call back for checking the status.

This morning of the second waited days, I got a package from Western Digital. I opened it, there was a adapter without power cord. This was what I got after more than twenty days fighting with them.

I called again and was answered by someone in India.

I told what happened to their supervisor, she told me she would correct the mistake and send me the adapter in 5-7 business days. I told her and corrected her twice what I wanted was American standard power cord not the adaptor. She told me she would make the right thing this time.

Later near the end, she said to me why did not try to use the adapter I just got and see if it could be working. I told her that was the problem, I could not use it because I did not have the right power cord to plug in the power outlet.

They did not understand and listen to the customer.

Today is Dec., 31, 2009.

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This has been noted and has been passed along.

Their lack of concern for their customers is noted, and this has been passed along…