Worst Warranty Services as my experience (continued)

I called back after the new year. They checked there was no record about my call made on 12/31.2009.

So I talked with different departments, finally transferred from India back to CA, USA. I explained to the tech, apparently he did not know well about the product and did not understand what was wrong.  

I kept to explain to him what I needed was the power cord that could connect from the power outlet to the adapter. He kept told me that was the adapter. I told him I got the adapter, but missed the right power cord. We kept arguing on this. Later he told me will send me the whole power unit.

This afternoon, I got another package from WD. It really pissed me off. In this package there was an adapter only without power cord which was I really needed. The worst thing was it was even a wrong adapter. It was not for Sharespace.

OK. Here I will give WD tech some education:

The first two power cords they sent to me with the replaced Sharespace, one was with CEE 7/17 plug head (used in French/German), another with BS1363 head (only used only in the United Kingdom). I need the one with NEMA 5–15 plug which can be used in North American and they did not send this right one to me.

I hope they could read this and know what was going on.

I might have to go to their company personally to solve this problem next week. It is good it is not too far from my place.

Today is 01/08/2010. See what will happened.

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This has been noted and has been passed along.

Agreed - very poore service for the NAS products!

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