Worst experience with WD

So I got a WD my Passport 2TB external drive and after plugging it in 5x it stop recogizing it. I tried to use the software the support team said to use to recover years of data. GUess what it couldnt and so I had to call these guys for additional help and like all big companies help wasnt there. After being a happy customer of WD products I will not buy from them after the BS today. Its said it almost everywhere we go theres someone who wants to complain to get something for free… but All i wanted wat was charge on my CC for the adv delievery and return of their broken product. So for $20 and 1/2 of argueing and being put on hold they lost a value customer and everyone he/she is in contact with.  THX WD for this experience I will pass my experience at the next sales meeting and tell customers of my first bad exp and my last time as a value customer. 

Hi there and welcome to the WD community

I apologize for the experience you received, We have passed this along to support, check your private messages please.