Worst Branded NAS on the market - Bricked Devices

Not only is the MyCloud a horrible device but WD as a brand has proven to me the last 2 years to be the most unrelieable devices on the market. The firmware updates have caused unusable devices with USB drives attached as well as Time Machine issues. I have owned 3 different WD NAS drives since 2012. 2 of 3 have failed. End of story. Thanks for wasting my time and money. I will save my money from WD and just spend on cloud backups even if it costs more. 

Hello jsabkneal, welcome to the Community. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Have you tried to contact support? Since most of the problems that happen are related to the network configuration or other external reasons. Support  can help you narrow down the cause of most problems. You can also share more information about your issue on the Community and I’m sure several users will jump in if they have anything to contribute. 

In both issues the unit worked for several months with little to no problems and one day did not. Cyclic redundancy check test failure. Poor materials.