WorldBook 1TB WDH1NC10000N Driver Power State Failure on shut down

With the White Lite 1TB WorldBook running on Windows 7 64-bit, I did not install a driver for the NAS and it seemed to work fine except some applications would have trouble finding it in the browse dialog box (if I mapped it, it would probably work better, but it wouldn’t show up in the Map a Network drive dialog box).  So, at some point the system detected it and asked to install a driver.  I said yes and it installed.  Once I did that, my machine would spend a lot of time with the “Shutting Down” page up (when shutting down), then result in a Blue Screen of Death Power State Failure.  I was able to resolve it once by removing the driver, but then the problems of some apps not finding it in browse occurs. 

Is this an issue with a w7 64 bit driver not existing? Or should the w7 driver work regardless of OS “bitness”, and its just a bug?

Any help getting this configured so that it works smoothly would be appreciated.  Thanks.


I have also encountered the same issues with my  WDH1NC20000N (2TB) drive on windows 7 64 bit. I have discovered that windows update recently installed a device driver for this network drive that appears to be provide by WD.

Since this driver is supplied to Microsoft, why support does not have the same driver available for download ?

The default driver version is 32 bit, which I have notice that windows 7 will installed, even if a 64 bit version is available.

The driver also effects system properly causing window 7 to become very unstable.

I have had to turn off auto update to prevent my system from impacted again.

I have the same drive running under Windows 7 64-bit and can shut down without a problem. However, there’s a similar problem posted on a Microsoft forum here:

There are two possible fixes posted there. The first is to update the firmware on the NAS. The second is to change the PnP-X Bus Enumerator service startup type from “Automatic” to “Manual.” Do either of these help?

Also, my driver is a 64-bit driver. How are you determining that it’s a 32-bit driver installed on your system?

I paid $160, updated firmware, and my computer with Windows 7 still won’t shut down unless I disconnect the NAS WorldBook from the system.   WD’s approach is to tell the owner how to fix it.  No thanks!  I plan to return this NAS to Best Buy for a refund.  My suggestion to WD: make it right the first time and the customer will be satisfied.

Here are two possible fixes posted there. The first is to update the firmware on the NAS. The second is to change the PnP-X Bus Enumerator service startup type from “Automatic” to “Manual.” Do either of these help?


I had exact the same problems… BSOD with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE notice and the MyBook in the Disk Drives nodes in the device manager.

I have a different solution than mentioned above… In the network node of the explorer I saw the Icon of the MyBook World edition with the name MyNAS - as I named it that way. I remembered clicking that before, thinking I could access the drive in that way. Though, instead, something tried to install but failed after quite some time. I didn’t put much attension to it since I seemed to be access the drive afterwards… 

Now, while investigating the issue I remembered this and went back to that location. I found the icon again, right-clicked it and found an uninstall entry. Uninstalling removed some PnPX Device driver - I came accross the therm PnPX on different sites while looking for a solution - and after rebooting (with the same BSOD issue once more) the issue seemed to be gone. No more BSOD and no more MyBook device in the Disk Drives node.

One odd thing… Now I don’t see any longer the device node of my MyBook which I saw before and which opened the root of the MyBook when clicking upon. Well not such an issue since mapping drives still works and using unc paths still works too…

Well I hope this helps some people.