World VS live

hi i was thinking to buy a new backup and media HDD and was wondering wich is better between world and live

i use a mac and also have other 3 WD my book external drives

i’m not really sure that use a NAS drive as backup fot time machine is the best choise for me since i i have only one mac

and i wouldn’t like to use all the space for time machine

i need a nas for music better if has a iTunes server, some video, some working files, and second backup disk… yes because i think that just a back disk is not enough

i couldn’t find info on the file system type of the live WD, and i’m not sure if the both use fat 32 and relative problems with file bigger that 4Gb

is connection speed on a cable netwoork significantly different between the 2 disks?

as a pro for the world it has an USB

I wouldn’t go for the World.  For me, the World did not work reliably on my Mac for Time Machine.  The Live is a newer drive than the World.   Even though it appears that the Live seems better, I’m not sure I would go for WD for that type of product.  The World’s firmware haven’t been updated for at least a year, the official firmware revision is 1.01.16 and the version I had on my drive was 1.01.18.  People who have 1.01.16 installed can’t upgrade to 1.01.18 since the update function says they have the latest version.  On top, there is an unofficial version 1.02.05…Reading that forum, many complain about connectivity/reliability  issues but no fix for a year.  Adding all this up, how would you rate the support and the level of customer service of WD ?  What would happen when WD will launch a My Book Live II for example…will they still support the previous generation as they are doing with the My Book World and what if there are still outstanding issues on the My Book Live ?

Costco were kind enough to take the drive back this week knowing I passed the return period…they told me that I was not the only person returning that drive for issues with it.  I finally got a Seagate GoFlex Home and so far, setup is easier, the connectivity is more reliable, and it is slightly faster than the My Book World. …