World Edition VS Media Live


I’m still not sure of the clear advantages between the WD World Edition and the WD Media Live.

I intend to use my external HD to:

  • Store all my videos (about 1,5TB)
  • Playback the videos on my WD TV Live
  • Automatically backup my important content (about 80GB)
  • Access this content by remote access

On one hand, I think WD Smartware is not good enough, it’s too limited, and I’ve tried WD Anywhere Backup and it is more usefull for me. So that points me towards World Edition.

On the other, WD Media Live reads up to 100mb/s and I think World Edition is half of that? I’m worried that the playback of the videos on a World Edition could be a bit sloppy.

So… what’s the best solution for me?


I can just tell that 1080p videos play fine via network share from WD My Book World.

Dunno, about new Live…