World Edition II BU Not Found

This WD2500D032 service three machines - each with different op systems - as their automatic backups (BU).

This is a portion of the Vista machine’s file tree:

Vista Machine File Tree

Upon bootup, drives Y and Z have a red "X’ in front of them. Placing the cursor and clicking on each causes the “X” to disappear and the folder to expand.

On the WD Anywhere Backup program side, when started, it doesn’t find these folders automatically like it used to; nothing appears when I open the “View and Restore” window. When I proceed further and click “Don’t see your backup plan?”, I’m given the option to find my “Inactive Backup Plan” from 4 sources.

One dilemma is that I don’t know where I should be looking. If I select Hard Drives, all I get is a list of what’s on drives C and D. That Y and Z I find on the folder tree above doesn’t appear.

When I click the Network Places and browse, under Network I find the folders I think are physically on that WD drive. I believe - but I’m not sure - that these are the BU files I should be selecting.

But there’s another dilemma. Here’s what those files look like:

BU Files on WD WBII

This drive needs to be cleaned up.

Q1) Can I just highlight and delete folders here? What’s the proper way to get rid of these?

When I click on the first BU folder for Vista I find: BU_Vista_11-19-13/Memo/_store/. Also as a selection under Memo/_store is another of folder labeled “BU_11-19-13” with three subfolders labeled _dcm, _temp-C_. From past experience some time ago, I recall WDMB II NOT accepting the last folder of BU_11_19_13 when selected. Bottom line…I don’t know what I should be selecting to link any BU file to the program.

Q2) Which folder should I select? Or… do I best advised to start from scratch. If so…

Q3) How do I prepare that file structure that gives me red "X"s on bootup if I’m going to create a new BU altogether?

I realize this is a lot to ask but if someone has written instruction they can point me to, I;d deeply appreciate the help.


You can use the option to purge files, but it’s best to manually stop WDAB, delete the backup folder, delete the backup plan from the main WDAB screen, and resume backups.