World Book, Data Recovery

My old world book is bricked! I suspect the PCB is dead. I had disassembled the unit and hook up the hard drive to PC running Window 7. I am able to view the drive but where are my DATA?! and how to recover it?

I had created several drive for different usage. I am able to find the drive by name but it is empty, why? where are the data actually store?

Please help

Thanks and Regards

did you format it without the enclosure?

No. I am using “Disk Internal Linux Recovery”, here is the screen shot

here is one of the “Folders” (the icon look like network drive) created for backup.

the size of the “Folder” is small, I believed the “Folder” icon is pointed to another location which are encrypted. Do you have any idea ?


is the shares folder empty?

Yes, all of the folder is empty!