Works with USB drive in, doesn't work streaming

OK, I’ve spent the last month converting videos to every imaginable format, container file, and codec etc. Turns out there really aren’t many supported files when trying to play video using my Mac as a Media Server.

On the other hand, simply pluging in a USB drive plays everything.

How is this even possible? The files aren’t changing are they?

fourcolourblack wrote:

How is this even possible? The files aren’t changing are they?

It depends on how you have the media server set up.  It might be trying to transcode them to a format the WDTV doesn’t support.

**bleep** it, thats annoying. I’be had nothing but problems with this since I bought it, wish I’d just bought the TV Live now but the reviews all seemed good. Who knows how rigorous all the tests were, but I’ve barely had the thing work yet. To make things worse, Netflix no longer works on the device. After an hour on the phone to Netflix (turn it on/off), and a more detailed conversation, it turns out Netflix was never supprted in the UK on this device. See its not even listed in the Apps online… Fantastic to know WD are selling a product in the UK with a huge NETFLIX button in the middle of the remote, with an App installed that doesn’t even work. Thanks for taking my money guys.