Works then stops

After the recent outage, my drive was not working even internally.  So I reset it (4 sec), but it still wouldn’t connect.  So I reset it again (40 sec).  I was finally able to get the WD Discovery to find it.  I set it back up and it was working for about 1 day.  Now it isn’t visible on my home network anymore.  I’ve already RMA’d one unit.  Is there anything I can do if I cannot access it’s web page?

Check if the same behaviour occurs if the drive is mapped.

Test with other computers to verify if firewall or Internet security issue.

I mapped two drives, but it still lost connectivity.  WD Discovery cannot see the drive either.  Other computers do not see the drive either.

If you can reset the drive once more with the 40s approach (see user manual), you should be able to set it back up. When this happens, follow the instructions to give the NAS a fixed IP address beyond the range of the router DCHP, or set up your router to give a fixed IP address to your NAS.

I am able to get back into it without the 40s reset.  I have just set the IP address as static.  Do I need to do the 40s reset?