Wordpress sites fail to open when MyBOok drive is connected to network

I have a 1Tb NAS Mybook drive for the last 18 months, and for the last two months I have discovered a problem. Its this: when the drive is on the network, I can no longer access websites using Wordpress/Blogs etc. I disconnect the drive and all is good again. I have done a factory reset to the drive but this problem returns the first time I set the drive for remote access via WD2Go. Has anyone else come across this problem. Im running Win 7 on both PCs on the netowrk, with Norton 360 AV and Malwarebytes also. scans are clear. Any help appreciated. I have tried WD support but that got me nowhere with the standard tests to carry out to eliminate problems. Heres hoping someone has come across this before, WD tech support hadn’t


Do you encounter the same issue if you set a static IP address to your WD NAS? Does disabling remote access change this behavior? Do you experience the same results when using different Internet browsers?

I removed the drive and installed on different network with full access and remote also with no problems encountered at all so the drive itself is not faulty. On the original network there are two win7 sp1 pcs off a router all wired. Once the mybook is connected after ten minutes the wordpress sites fail to load. And this happens to all variety of browsers IE CHROME SAFARI. Norton 360 and malwarebytes installed a few days ago didnt find anything