Wordpress public access does not have permissions on the server


I installed wordpress on my ex2 ultra, activated the redirect on ex2 (HTTP) and on the router as well.

When I try to access the wordpress URL from the internet, it shows me a blank page indicating “You do not have permission to access / wordpress on this server.”

Do you know what may be due ?, I get the feeling that ex2 permission issues, but I do not have much more access to them unless I connect by SSH …

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Hi unoAleatorio,

You can have a look at these KBA’s:


Hi James,

Thank you for your answer.

I don´t have problem with de installation, I install wordpress and en my LAN works fine, all the computer can access without problem.

My problem is outside my LAN, if I try to access to http://publicIP/wordpress I found “You do not have permission to access / wordpress on this server.”, and this is my problem. I open ports in NAS and in the router but doesn´t work.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi unoAleatorio,

Did you manage to resolve the issue of getting public access to work when hosting WordPress locally on Ex2Ultra?

Hi skabais,

No, I have not managed to configure it