Wordpress files access via ftp

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how do I get access to the files of wordpress?
I would like to edit themes and create new themes using the NAS as a server for convenience.

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I’d recommend performing a board search for “Wordpress”. There are several helpful threads.

good morning. I spent a lot of time to search for an answer and found that many users have asked the same question. a concrete answer was not given to anyone.
Where I can find the wordpress files in my wd NAS?

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All the 3rd party apps that can be installed from the dashboard’s Apps tab get installed in a certain directory. Most of those apps (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) provide web administration. But if you are looking to actually get to the files, you’ll have to ssh into the EX2 to get to that directory (since that directory is not available as a share).

Assuming you know how to SSH into the box and are comfy with basic linux directory navigation commands, you should find all those 3rd party apps installed under this directory -> /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/

My EX2 does not have RAID but JBOD. If you have RAID setup then the path might be different. In that case, run a find for Nas_Prog directoryname. WordPress directory should be under that directory, wherever it is on your system.

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I tryed your solution but I can not use your suggestion, I’m not so computer expert.

how can I use your suggestion?

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Unfortunately, even another way to make that directory accessible to you easily from Windows, by adding that path to Samba config file /etc/samba/smb.conf would require you to ssh in to the box and edit the smb.conf using vi. You can google for help in looking up linux commands…but if you don’t feel comfy doing this on your own using google as a resource, then not much can be done.

The EX2 is meant as an Expert device (the name EX comes from the word expert). Not saying you have to be a computer expert…but what you are trying to do would be considered an advanced use of the device and to make those changes you do need to have some basic linux skills. I doubt folks like me have the time to sit here answering others’ questions about linux with the kind of step-by-step details you are looking for. That you will have to learn on your own…or pay someone to help you with.

Thanks for the explanation and for intervention.
I hope that the WD, solve this problem and make it available to everyone.
installing a database (mysql) and wordpress but they can not access the files to edit them is useless. It would be like having a car that can not bend but only go straight, completely useless.

I opened a ticket to technical support. hopefully good.

Thank you very much.

When editing the config file in vi what would I need to add to it to make the Nas_Prog folder accessible via windows?

Baffles me why these critical folders for editing Wordpress blogs are hidden away.  

Edit: As soon as I made the post I realise a potential solution and got it to work!  Just add a new share and call it “Nas_Prog” then all the hidden folders contained within it will become visible. 

Second edit: Spoke too soon.  Despite being able to map the folder as a network drive apparently despite setting read / write permissions for my username I am unable to make any changes within the folders.  

Continuiing adventures: If you use the web file viewer you can create a new folder which you then have access to - while it means still can’t access some of the folders I need able to add some new stuff. 

Thanks for the tip!
is very complex to reach the wordpress files, should be a simple task to anyone but the WD did not provide. Now I’m conversing with them in order to reach a solution.

I’ll keep you updated!


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Sometimes the easiest way is the easiest…
Wordpress has a plugin ;-), no need to be a computer expert (by the way EX could stand for external…) WP file manager (you might need to break down the size namely partial downloads…) ‘saves the day’

Happy new year everybody

There is a free version!