Wordpress can't update correct to 5.5

Hello, I try to find answer for my problem, maybe here someone have same problem.
I’ve just try to updated for WordPress 5.5 and got error below with debug Mode.

rest_validate_value_from_schema was called incorrectly. The “type” schema keyword for [0] can only be one of the built-in types: array, object, string, number, integer, boolean, and null. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information.

UPDATE(17.08): I found a description on the WordPress site: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/rest_validate_value_from_schema/

And most likely the matter is in the SEO Plugin, I edited code here: wp-includes / rest-api.php - I removed the answer to the error( `` /* translators: 1. Parameter */), and it disappeared, here it is not visible on this site, but this is a temporary solution , I need to understand why this erro appear.

As the problem goes, I will try to update the information.

The upgrade, modification or change to 3rd party apps outside of the version available from the WD App Store is not supported.

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