Wordpress App on PR4100

i want to install Wordpress on my PR4100 FW 2.131.204 and get running on it.

Install works fine. Only config failing.

It seems the defaults:

Datenbank-Name: wordpress
Benutzername: Benutzername
Passwort: Passwort
Datenbank-Host: localhost
Tabellen-Präfix: wp_

are not the right ones.

I tried several variations WordPress like it is in Nas_Prog, Username and PW of the PR4100 and so on.

On MyCloudMirror it worked fine, but it was to slow.

Can you please give me an hand to get it running.

THX bkh

I am having the same issue. I have tried multiple times but I haven’t found anything that overcomes the ‘Error establishing a database connection’ message

Hi there! Do not forget to install phpMyAdmin too, since WordPress uses php. Then you will be able to end wordpress installation. The issue will come when you try to update WP, since php is outdated and WD has done NOTHING to solve it, and does not allow users to install the apps we need/want, as if our owned NAS still belong to them. I vaguely hope that they change their politics on this issues, otherwise many people will NOT upgrade their NAS anymore to WD ones, having others like Synology that has plenty of apps available at no cost.

Hello fruizaviles,

it is still the same problem.

Second: i tried to login on the configuration site of phpmyadmin, but no user and password is working.

Do you have a solution?


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Hi again. Ibremwmber it was blank in both fields, user and pass, and then I added mine.


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Did any of you create a database for Wordpress using PHPmyAdmin?

The way to solution or contact would be nice. THX

I had the same issue last week, and after several attempts, I gave up. I was so angry and couldn’t understand what was going wrong. Then a friend of mine told me I should install PHPMyAdmin and log in via it. I did that, and it still showed me that the username and the password were wrong. Anyway, in the end, I decided to contact a developer, and he was able to help. If you wish, I can share with you his contacts. By the way, has anyone here ever used https://prosvit.design/wordpress-intranet/ before? Any thoughts?