Word cannot open this document -user does not have access privilages


I’m trying out my new My Passport. It’s normally attached to my main computer (XP & Office 2003 Pro) and is backing up automatically as it should. By going into ‘My Computer’ I can see the files of the day OK and if I retrieve them to a folder in that computer everything works fine.

Of course the whole idea of getting it is so that it will retrieve to a different computer if necessary and this is where the problem starts. If I try to retrieve to my laptop (Vista & Office 2003 Pro) I cannot read the files because of permission problems - so that’s not much use. All the files were created with no restriction. I should say that I can access all the files it backed up during its initial full backup, but not the new daily ones.

With Word I get “Word cannot open this document: user does not have access privileges” and with Excel it’s 'Excel cannot access (      ) the document may be read-only or encrypted"

Can anyone help?


Check the file properties and see if you can grant full access for admin or your user

Thanks for the response - but I’m no further forward.  My Passport is saving automatically from my PC as it should. I can access and retrieve these files without problems from my PC either by running the software from my desktop or by going to My Computer and selecting My Passport and finding them listed that way.

The problem is that it doesn’t work by either of the two ways when I try to retrieve a file from My Password onto my laptop which uses Vista. When I look at Properties for any file I’m wanting to access it appears that there is no restriction on access, but I get error messages each time (one for Word and a different one for Excel files). If, however, I attach a Word or Excel file to an email from my PC to myself and pick it up on my laptop there is no problem so there is no incompatibility in the files themselves.