UPDATE: 9-05-11

This is Woodshop which came about after doing some playing around with Android Honeycomb on a Acer tablet.  It is still a work in progress and updates will come as I can get to them.

Each view has it’s own background which gives it a screened or reflective look on the wood backdrop.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy this theme.







 Download link:  Woodshop (1.02.14)


This is a slightly different Gallery View using a silkscreen background overlay.





This is a version of the Gallery View that screens the full backdrop on the backgound.


I have a feeling any critisisims that may have been made of woodshop were probably made b4 people actually downloaded it and checked it out, cause its sweet. Finally i have a new theme and the speed stability and cosmetics are all top notch. Me and my missus both love it, thanks very much.

Wrong thread too :frowning:

Thanks Crazyfistsau, I’m glad you and the boss like it. :smileyvery-happy:

With full disclosure though, Woodshop was not really my favorite and I had really developed it as more of a testbed for doing some different things with moviesheets.  I just figured that with the simpler design it would be easier to make this theme than some of the other ideas that I had. 

But now, the more I work with this theme the more I like it myself. 

By the way, I will have a new download ready this weekend as well as the moviesheet template for TG.

Thanks again.


i totally love it, i am using a similar look on my iPhone & iPad so I loved it instantly :slight_smile:

great job and I love the covers especially, they are sexy :slight_smile:

Hi TW, i agree totally… i think this is a theme that ‘grows’ on you.

Congrats and keep up the amazing work.

Thanks guys, I’m glad some people like this theme.

So here’s the link to the new version.  Woodshop

The download also contains a test folder and the TG template for the moviesheet.  This version displays the moviesheet as shown on the 3rd post.  But if you want the gallery view to look like the orginal (as in the first post) then all you have to do is replace the “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml” with the one in the “Alt” folder.

You can also make the gallery view look like the pics in the 2nd post by replacing the “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml” and the “video_browse_gallery_overlay.png” (which is in the “image/Gallery” folder) with the one’s in the “Alt” folder.

The same moviesheet will work no matter which way you decided to display the gallery view.

your link points to Concept-X

Try it now.

I don’t know why that happens sometimes, mediafire confusses my links sometimes.:stuck_out_tongue:

That worked, thanks.

Tested it out. In movie gallery view it takes a smidgen too long to generate the image on the right.

I have changed in photo settings to fade only and 5 mins so its not annoyingly reloading every 3 seconds.

I do love the look but its even hard to read the details on my 47".

I like the look of this one but unable to loacte it.

or the original but but move the clock to the 2nd row far left and remove the other 2 icons. Only make it 3 rows of 4 covers. [11 total w/ the clock]. allowing the right panel to stretch more to the left to make it bigger. Just my 2 cents[cause im blind]

Awesome work though. 1 potential bug I think I noticed is the rating stars in the top right. dont seem to cut the star in the middle if 1/2 star is rated.

Thanks drizz.

The Large view hasn’t been uploaded to the theme yet, just finished a little while ago.  I’ll try to upload it tonight or tommorrow, I’ve been doing some work on Concept X and uploading it right now.

As for the moviesheet loading (the image to the right) that’s just par for the HUB loading the backdrops, can’t really do anything about that.  If WD would add a variable for the backdrop rather than using the photo slide show we could get instant loading.  But I’m not going to hold my breath on that happening anytime soon.

I understand that some people may not like the “shelf images” in the gallery view.  Right now though I’m not going to make any changes to it though, as a lot of work has gone into it to get the look.  I may come back to it sometime later and do some changes once the theme is complete, but right now it’s going to be “fixed” as is. 

I would like to accomidate everyone, but if made the themes specific to what everyone wants I would be doing nothing but making different versions of the same theme and wouldn’t get anything else done.  I will look into trying to make the details (overview, actors, etc.) easier to read though.

The star bug would have to be a TG issue, I haven’t noticed it, but I will look into it.

to stop the slow load of the image to the right, can you not load the image from fanart rather than backdrop. load into xml as thmbnail instead of backdrop?

I know you make your themes for your enjoyment and your vision and share with us which is greatly appreciated. I was just giving my 2 cents. If it helps, it helps. Just ideas that can possibly trigger even better idas within your own imagination.

I dont expect you to cater to me or anyone else but yourself… just expressing opinions and ideas.

The only way the star bug might actually be accurate is if its actually measuring 7.1, 7.2, 7.8,7.9… etc. but I thought it was only able to measure 7, 7.5, 8… but I could be wrong

First, just to let you know, I didn’t mean it like that.  I didn’t think that you were asking me to cater, I was only offering an explaination as to why I wouldn’t be changing much right now.  And I always appreciate everyone’s “2 cents” when they are constructive and I will look into possible implementing some of your thoughts later.  But just not right now, because of time constraints.

I just wanted to make it clear though (and some times it’s easy to come across this way in a forum) that I wasn’t trying to be ugly with my comment.  I was just trying to explain why you probably want see any ideas implemented yet.  But I do want you to feel free to offer them and maybe when I have a completed theme I will (and have) revisit them.

As for the IMBD star rating, it is actually accurate and will (or should) show the star rating as .1, .2, .3, .4, .5, etc., so how much of the last star is shown will depend on the point value.

glad to see the star rating is that accurate  i d not realize that. is the idea about using fan art or thumb instead of backdrop a viable option. would it work for this sort of thing?

I’m not really sure by what you mean by “using the fan art or thumb instead of backdrop”. :cry:  If you could clarify your question I might see if it’s possible.

in TG the image can be loaded as thumbnail, fanart 1,2,3 or backdrop

in the movie xml. I have seen coding for backdrop and thumbnail. not fanart though. but something to look into.

Oh, ok I see what your talking about. 

Well, the only thing that is actually used from the xml is the , the is not used and you can’t use either because this is not a variable that the HUB understands.

Unfortunately, there is only a limited amount of things that we can do with the HUB and there are only certain variables which it understands and no way (with out re-writting the firmware) to make it understand user defined variables.

Even if you could add the problem would still be that there would be no way to control it with the theme xmls since the language is not there to do so.  You have to keep in mind that the backdrop really just a photo slideshow, since that’s what the HUB uses to display the for videos.

So basically we are just stuck with doing tricks to do things the HUB was never designed to do.  Maybe some day someone at WD will get a clue and give us more control over the theming, but until then (and I’m not going to hold my breath) we do what we can do.

ya I wasnt sure if it was possible… was just a thought… if it could be done you or Joey or firetix would know. Thanks

Bump for update.