Won't stream

Hi, for some reason my WDTVLive as stopped streaming.

I have Windows 7 32bit.

I can connect to the webui thourgh the browser and these icons are still here:

18-08-2012 11-06-31.png

When I click on WDTVLIVE under computers I get:

18-08-2012 11-10-19.png

When I click Diagnose this is what I get (I’ve printed the report in PDF format)

PDF Report

Or view it HERE

Also I’ve done a connection check on WDTVLive and it can connect to the internet.  It’s just my computer.

It’s not my firewall because I’ve turned it off and the problem is still there. 

Any help please?


Try pressing the reset button on the bottom side of the WDTV and then map it with WDlink.


Won’t let me map it.

You say in your first post that your WDTV has “stopped streaming.”

but the rest of your post is describing that you cannot connect from your PC to the WDTV.

Which is it?   Both?

I was using WDTV fine, then one day I thought I’ll watch a film and found I could not connect to Windows shares.

you should turn off media library under system in the setup folder and also flushdns by opening command prompt then type ipconfig/ flushdns it worked for me i was using netflix and it was getting a bit choppy when streaming i did that and now running flawlessly