Won't Stream Over WiFi.. Why?

I’ve had this issue for a while now with no solution. I have emailed WD directly and have not heard back from them.

When I am trying to stream from my WD out of network, it won’t stream.

I can log into the FTP and I can see the files, but they won’t play. I am using the Goodplayer app for the iPad.

However, when I try to play the files over 3G, they work perfectly. I assumed that if I switched to WiFi it should still stream, but it doesn’t.

By it streaming over 3G it is showing that the port forwarding, FTP and other setups are working…

Would anyone happen to know why it won’t work over WiFi out of network?

Are there settings I need to adjust in my ipad/iphone?

I am not using the WD app because the files aren’t supported by the app.

So basically… MBL will stream over 3G but not WiFi. Help?

If you can access your files over 3G nothing seems to be wrong with the MBL. You may try power cycling your wireless router, and if possible try using another router  in order to compare results.