Won't find my files

the network settings is fine on my laptop …It won’t connect to my files…I’ve had wdtv for a long time now and the new update just screwed everything up…I don’t know what to do…I’ve done everything from removing the device from my laptop and now it won’t even pick it up…I’m so lost…as soon I used to turn on my wdtv …it would say …Users…it no longer does that…what the **bleep** is going on

It is easy to rollback to the previous firmware, so if that worked, why not do it and have it working again?


Try resetting the WD TV and make sure both are on the same network

Also take a look at this. hope it helps.

How to share a folder in Windows that can be viewed with the WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Hub, or Live Plus

I have found that when dealing with network shares and media server shares that it truly, much like in Apollo 13, its all in the SEQUENCING. 
When you have lots of things on the network it appears that the WDTV live beasties prefer to be power cycled (full 5 second power button hold shutdown) often; its like a ‘buffer’ someplace is hanging on to info or something, BUT, you have to think about sequence - who is on the network first, the WD or the server.  I have found that the best way to do things to make sure the WD sees everything, is for you to have the servers online and functional first, and then power up the WDTV: USUALLY it then sees everything.
However, I have noted that sometimes, no matter what I do, one server (Network Share) is not seen…the odd thing is that it sees the MEDIA SERVER 7 from THAT same computer when you check there, but, I do not care for that, I just want my shared folders on various systems (Mac, Win XP, Win 7) to be there the old fashioned way.
I know I’m gonna seem strange, but I don’t care for graphical metadata and all that fun stuff - I like the file display setting.
Anyway, when I can’t see the network share from the one that CAN be seen as a Windows Media Server, usually once I play something via the Media Server setting, once I back out, I then can see it as a network share too.
The whole thing is INSANE.
It is very frustrating, and yes, after the latest firmware update, I’ve been noticing this happen more often when I have to powercycle my router…if things are just left on the network all the time as is usual you can shut down the WD and turn it back on over and over and it seems to be just dandy finding my systems across the network (wifi and wired).

I don’t know if this will be any help cause maybe I’m just getting lucky, but, maybe it is all in the sequencing…I dunno.

All I know is that it seems to work for me!  (for now, knock on wood, pray everytime things need to be reset!)


First, see if the first post of this link helps you:   http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming/How-to-resolve-quot-Network-shares-quot-access-problems-with/td-p/671513

Secondly, you could have a master browser problem that comes and goes with devices going on and off.  See this, download the free program so see if your main PC is always the master browser when it is on. 


It is possible for some routers to be the master browser, and that can eliminate the problem.  It did for me.