Won't Fast Forward or Rewind with M4v (H.264) files

Works with AVI, MP4 (mpeg-4) files. All files converted through Handbrake (0.9.4). Because I can’t Fast Forward/Rewind M4v (H.264) files it also won’t resume play either. Any ideas?

I’ve had the WD TV for a year now and have never had any problems until now. Can’t figure out if it’s the H.264 container or not. MKV files seem to work fine.

I have had this trouble with specific files, but not a complete filetype.  I then had to just recode the file to a different format to get the FF working.  tricky tho.  Had to convert to a few different types (froim original) before I found one that fixed the file.  I think it was xvid/divx with mp3 audio…  But then again I output to a 720p tv, so I’m not too terribly picky…



can you give out the name of the software to recode ,thanks