Wont connect to internet

I have the WD TV Live Hub… everything was working fine. It is hooked up to the internet and home network via an ethernet cable.  There is internet running through the ethernet cable as I checked it by hooking it up to my laptop. However it wont connect the WD to the internet. When I check the IP address and all that info everything is zero’s including dns etc…  This happened since my internet provider came and cheanged the modem.  Im assuming there must be a problem with the modem ?




i assume you’ve tried …

Setup > Network Settings > Network Setup > Automatic    (or “Manual” if you wish)

  Im assuming there must be a problem with the modem ?

I think you confirmed that the modem is not the problem, because you said you have internet signal in the network cable you connected to your laptop to test it.

If it was all working before, it can work again.  Suggest you turn off the modem and router, remove ALL power from the WDTV.  Turn off all computers.  Now that’s done, start bringing things back on line.  First turn on the modem and router.  Then, after they are operational, turn your main PC back on.  Once it is totally booted up, turn on the WDTV, and once it settles into operation, check if for connection.  You most likely are up and running again.

And if there’s still no connection … i suggest doing the Network Setting Config on WDTV Live Hub (as i posted above)