Wonder if one of these would fix things!

Wow this really sounds too good to be true! An Android device for your TV that does everything the Hub does and runs Android apps? Yup…darn I wish I had the money for one!


Most recent Android phones/tablets with HDMI or a LiveDock-type device (Sony Ericsson) already do that… I find it redundant.

File sharing from the network? SMB File Sharing or ES File Explorer

Additional codec support? ArcMedia, Rock Player and MoBoPlayer.

Well, I knew it was just a matter of time before someone launched an Android based media player.  Although I kind of figured it would be an Android Honeycomb device.

I don’t see it as being redundant either, since it is specifically designed for the big screen.  Also, I don’t think that  it can be compared to something like the LiveDock.  Who really would want to have to use a mouse and keyboard, when you could just use a remote.  And I really don’t know who would want to use their phone as there main media playing device, having to plug your phone into the dock everytime you want to watch a movie and then unpluggin it everytime you left and had a phone call seems pretty inconvenient.

On regards to the control, Android allows almost anything BT to be used as a remote. I use a WiiMote to control my Android phone :smiley: so most BT based remotes are a sure thing.

On the other hand, granted, connecting and disconnecting the phone just to take calls is indeed a hassle, but I honestly don’t see this media player doing anything that is not being done already by Xoom or Galaxy Tab, so that takes the phone out of the picture.

Yeah, I did think of Tablets too. But then I think that you still run into the same issue of having to unplug it and plug it back in if you take it with you.

This might be fine if you are the only one in your household.  But if you have a wife and/or kids, then you leave with the tablet how are they to watch movies.

Not that I’m saying that you are wrong, I mean sure you could use a smart phone or tablet to do the same thing.  It think though it’s more of a matter of a media player being a part of your media center (an always connected device) rather than having something you connect to your media center when you aren’t using it for other things.

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