Won;t re-boot

My WD TV LH won’t boot, or re-boot.

Any suggestions?

What exactly do you mean by it want boot or reboot?  What is it doing?  Do you get a splash screen?  Does the “WD” light on the front come on or is it flashing?  You need to be a little more detailed as to what it is or isn’t doing.

Are you able to get into the Setup menu and select Restart or are you saying the unit is dead? If you can;t even see a menu on the TV screen and hitting the little reset button on the device does nothing then you have a dead LH. Does the front panel light come on?

No front panel light.

It just sits at the Mochi loading…

This may help!


Using a bent paper clip or something similar, try pressing the rest button on the bottom of the HUB.

If that doesn’t work, try reflashing the firmware.  If you already have the latest version on the HUB, then download the firmware from HERE, extract the files of the zip file to the root of a USB thumbdrive.  Open the “.ver” file, then change the version to a higher number, then save the .ver file.

Plug the thumbdrive in the HUB, then unplug and replug the power cord.

Uh oh…that doesn’t sound good. Looks like the internal hard drive isn’t initializing.