WMP12 - Play On

I am currently happy with the WD Live unit, I did find a go around and wanted to know if their would be a fix or better yet a better way of doing what I wanted to do.    I wanted to use WMP12 in windows 7, to use the Play On feature to push the movie or video file to the WD Live unit.    I saw this as well on the MS Windows 7 Launch event.    

From what I understand you have to bring up a networked .jpg file, and then after that you can push the video file through the network to play.   I had done this and it does work.    If the Unit is sitting at idol I can play music through the unit but thats it.   I would be nicer to havet he unit sit at idol and be able to push the video files through.   

As you can tell at this time I have my unit wired to my router.   I will be useing a Ethernet to Wireless Bridge soon.  I have other things that need to be networked as well.  aka Direct Tv HD Reciever and Reciever.  

Anyone doing this better?


Right now you have to have a video file already playing to get windows play to , to work for sending video. Play a video on the live, then use play to to send another video file and it will play it like normal.