WMM QoS verses FasTrack Plus QoS

Ok, so I just got my N900 router tonight.  I setup two networks one 2.4ghz g+n and one 5 ghz n only and both are using WPA2 encrytion.  Is it normal for the WMM QoS option to be greyed out on both networks?  Yet, on the additional features page, under FasTrack Plus QoS…it says its enabled.  

Are WMM QoS &  FasTrack Plus QoS different QoS systems?  Shouldn’t both be turned on?


WMM is for the wireless QoS option and Fastrack is for wired QoS options.


Is it greyed out on or off?

In the manual page 42

WMM QoS is forced to On (grayed out) when the Network
mode set includes 802.11n. If you select any mode not
including 802.11n, you have the option to turn WMM QoS Off.


Thanks guys question solved.