WMA Pro?

Does anyone know if the new WDTV Live Streaming supports WMA Pro? Even if it’s just as a stereo downconvert, (like the B-Rad firmware does in the original WDTV LIve?). I’ve got a ton of movies that are encoded as WMVs with WMA Pro multi-channel audio (yes, yes. don’t ask… :smiley:); got a new TV for the bedroom, and was hoping to get a wi-fi streamer, so I can avoid having to run another hardline…


I’ve yet to try WMA Lossless, but my guess is that I’ve got more chance of seeing Santa.

Steve W

Soooooo, if anyone out there is feeling generous and wants to do a quick favour for their old buddy Steve, I’ve uploaded a short test file to Depositfiles:


(click on “free download” and wait 60sec for the download link to appear)

If someone who owns a WDTV Live Streaming wouldn’t mind giving it a try & telling me whether or not it works, I’d really appreciate it!  :robotwink:

I have two 1080p .wmv files that have WMA Pro audio that play perfectly.
please note I don’t have a high end reciever, the sound is coming directly form my TV.

It says it’s unable to play it. Although that file looks weird played on my PC (the framerate).

I have few WMV movies, HD, they have WMA Pro audio code, bear in mind that WMA pro is not supported by the new WD TV; now, almost all my WMV play without any issue, thou a bit low in volume. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that it will play all your WMV with WMA Pro.

PS: I downloaded your movie, the player was not able to play movie, I try the movie in my WD TV Live Hub, latest firmware update, and it work, thou the sound was a bit distorted.

Thanks for checking it out, @RedBadger! I appreciate it! Yeah, sorry about the video quality; I kept it kinda ■■■■, since I was mostly concerned with the audio. Not sure why the WMA works for @Ripcord, but not with mine…  I wonder if it’s just that my encode settings are bunged up? The test file I uploaded was a 96kHz 24bit 6-Channel WMA Pro…

If, uh, anyone wants to give it another go for me, I’ve got another test file (last one, I swear!) up; it’s at 48kHz instead of 96 (not sure why that would make a difference, though…)


Thanks again!

Thanks for checking, @cuernudo!

Sorry men, but same thing, the movie is not playing in WD TV.

Alright, good to know. Thanks again for checking guys. Maybe I’ll look into the XTreamer…

I see this has been marked as solved.
just a bit more info on my files they both have 768kbps 6 channel 48khz  32bit WMA Pro audio.
it must be the way your files are encoded. it could just be a limitation of the WDTV Live or it’s firmware.
hope this helps.

I have tried it without success with my WDTV Live Hub. I have also tried with differents music multichannel files. All of them run with WM Player 11 (video or music). All music file are 96KHz and 24bits.

The Manual of WDTV Live Hub says nothing about WMA Pro. But the Product Overwiew of WDTV Live Hub informs that it is WMA/WMA Pro capable.

Under what conditions works WMA Pro with WDTV Live Hub?

Thanks in advance for any help.