WMA Lossless files not playing?

I have several artists’ folders that are in WMA Lossless format converted using Easy CD-DA Extractor. I have the WD SMP set to HDMI passthrough, AUTO mode. The SMP is connected to my Sony HTCT 100 Soundbar/Receiver.

These files will not play, and instead simply skip through from first to last and no error is reported.

Is the SMP supposed to be downconverting/decoding or something if my receiver is not supporting this codec? Does the SMP support WMA Lossless at all? If so, is it picky about the exact conversion settings used for this file type? I’m relatively new to home theater setup, so I may have things set up incorrectly. Would I be better off leaving the files in FLAC format in my library?

Of course it’s always better to use a free format like FLAC than a  crappy proprietary one, by Micros~1 no less.

True enough. I had gone down the WMA route due to owning an WP7 phone and mistaking  thinking that these would be supported. Alas, it only supports up to 320kbps. Then I thought that since my Clarion CX501 in my car supports WMA that I could just load these on a small USB drive and play them there. No dice. So, since Mediamonkey and the WD SMP both support FLAC, I might as well go through the process of deleting the WMAs from my music library and putting the original FLACs back in.

On a side note: What are the benefits of using the Media Library for MUSIC shares? How is the metadata processed? I have all of my mp3s ID3 tags set with cover art and all. Is there an application for renaming according to some standard that the SMP recognizes, or does it automatically pull from ID3? I’ve used “theRENAMER” to pre-process all of my video files. Apologies if this “side note” warrants a new thread. I will move if need be.