With regard to Tony's Guide

Well, that 15hr Handbrake was a slight UNDERstatement…it was going to take 31 freaking hours to do…does that sound right to anyone???

Ok…here is what I think I am going to do…use DVDFab to rip the m2ts file with no subs…then use the method that tony uses for the forced subs.  Create a folder on the My Book with the movie with the sub and idx files in them.

Thats what I did for Avatar…works beautifully.  Any thoughts on if I would have any problem with this?  I looked at my copy of Iron Man and see that with the WD live hub video setting of default subs off, I still have the subtitles shoing up.  When I hit “options” for the movie…there isnt even an option to turn off the subtitles.  Grrrrrrr

This is quite a learnign process…

So far so good…

  1. Rip with AnyDVD

  2. Use BDInfo to find proper stream

  3. tsMuxer for my .m2ts file (just audio/video)

  4. tsMuxer to demux the english presentation graphic streams

  5. BDsup2sub to find if there are are any forced subs or if there is a just a plain forced sub file

  6. Transfer to myBook if no subs…transfer the m2ts+idx+sub file to folder on myBook

Have had ZERO problems.  Bought x-men first class yesterday and had no trouble putting it on my WD already

Spoke WAY too soon about not having problems.  I picked up a used copy of Godfather I…the rip was fine…there are 3 PGS’s…one is just the english translation of italian parts.  Nothing…I get no subtitles to show.  Avatar…District 9, Iron Man, Kill Bill, etc…all work

Any ideas?

Edit…I thought I would add this to see if any one has any ideas. 

  1. I took my Subtitle files from Avatar and renamed them “The Godfather”…no problem showing the subtitles from Avatar at the appropriate times during The Godfather movie. 

  2. I took the PGS of the subtitles for the entire movie and created the sub/idx file…no problem showing up.

WTH???   So, is there something I am missing here??  BDSup2Sub shows the “translation” subtitles from The Godfather…I just cant get the WD to recognize them once they are converted…for that file…

Edit x 2

I just found that the “translation” PGS of italian parts is missing some subtitles for the movie.  I looked at the translation parts for other parts of the movie…they show up.  The ones missing are when they are at the diner…they are present in the “full” subtitle file…but not in the smaller translation file.  Can I edit the main sub file to get them?