With or without smartware

Hi. Just a got a My PassPort.
I noticed it can be used ‘with’ or ‘without’ Smartware. ‘Without’ Smartware apparently you can use it just as an external hard drive.  I suppose if you don’t have enough space left on your computer hard-disk, you may want to use it this way.
While ‘with’ it becomes more like a backup tool/device. I suppose then you merly use it to make backup of your data/files of your computer harddisk.

I have two questions:

  1. What would be the best way to use it? “With” or “Without”? And why?
    I suspect “with” would be best, otherwise why is there. But when would you use it “without”?
    Or does this depend on how/what you want to use it for?

  2. If  you choose to use it “with Smartware”, can you use it for ‘both’ purposes? I.e. make backups from your computer, AND ALSO as an additional hard-drive to store more data/files, for which there’s no space more on my computer.

I’m thinking to use it to “backup” the data/files on my computer, AND ALSO as an additional external hard-drive to store files for which there’s no more space on my computer’s hard-disk. Is this possible? And would you recommend using it this way?

Hope someone can help.

I only used the Smartware once and uninstalled it. You can use a sync program I think MS has a free one called SyncToy. Do not use just one drive to store important data. A lot of people moved stuff to their external to free up space then had a problem and lost everything. It doesn’t matter who makes the drive they can all fail.


Hi Joe. Thanks for your reply.

Hmmm. So, in my case, and others running out of space on their computer hard-disk, the way to go,… would be to get an external hard-drive as an additional hard-drive (or replace the internal hard-drive, with a larger one), AND get a My Passport to backup both hard-drives (or just the replaced larger internal hard-drive). Correct?

Another option would be to use the My Passport as the additional external hard drive, and use an online backup service. Altough I’ve never used online backup service yet. And I don’t think I’m ready yet to trust my data/files to an onlie service. I’d rather make my ownbackup. But would you recommend using an online backup service? Any particular one?

Ps. Why did you uninstall Smartware? Wasn’t it any good?

The Smartware can be a resource hog and it doesn’t backup all file types. That was over a year ago and they have made some changes since. The best thing to do would be add another internal HD and use the External for backups. I don’t have any experience with online backup services. I see Carbonite is highly recommended by a lot of knowledgable people.


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Thx Joe.