Wish to buy a SATA III drive for gaming PC

Hi everyone,

I am about to buy a new gaming PC based on Intel’s Core i7 Sandy Bridge processor with ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 Motherboard. I am used to “Seagate” hard drives and I can’t understand the WD’s Blue, Green and Black categories. On a forum I have read that WD hard disks are not for storage purposes but for performance purposes. But I want a hard drive which has both qualities like Seagate. Now that both Seagate and WD have both introduced SATA III 6 GBs 64 MB Cache I wish to make my PC future proof in terms of hard drives. I need a 1 TB hard drive which Seagate is not offering. If there is a WD with all the qualities of Seagate’s Barracuda XT Desktop Hard Drives or even better and which is suitable with the above processor and motherboard kindly inform me. 

For 3.5’ Hard Disks:


 * 7200 RPM

 * 5 Year warranty

 * Fast (ie not slow)


 * 7200 RPM (i think)


 * 3 Year warranty


 * INTELLIPOWER RPM (whatever, seems like an 5400 RPM with optimizations)

 * 3 Year warranty

 * Power savingç

 * the biggest size

Since you want a gaming system and only one disk buy a BLACK one, i think is the best for that case.

I personally have 1 SSD + 2 1tb BLACK + 2 2tb GREEN (but the first ones that i did buy were the 2 1tb black in 2009)

As  rtguille stated, for a gaming rig the Caviar Black is your best option unless you wish to go with RAID drives.

I play lots of games, specially WOW and BC2. I use a Caviar Black 1 TB, the drive performance is excellent, a bit noisy, but up to the task.

Maybe you should look into the Western Digital 3.5 Sata 10000 RPM .

It comes  in 80 Gigs on up. I have read that they are excellent for gaming and overall computer usage.I just received one that i purchased but have not hooked it up yet. 

The  WD VelociRaptor (10,000 RPM drives) is a great drive, but he is also looking for space for storage; the biggest size of a WD VelociRaptor is 600 GB, this makes this drive one of the biggest (If not -the- biggest) 10,000 RPM drives, but unless he is looking to have more than one drive in his computer, the Caviar Black is his best choice.

More information about the WD VelociRaptor: