Wish I'd Never Bought One!

Step One: Spend £150 on MyBook Live.

Step Two: Copy files to MyBook Live from old computer and give away the old system.

Step Three: MyBook Live constantly freeze and reboot leading to…

Step Four: Lose all files stored in the Photo share.

Step Five: MyBook Live throws up CNID DB errors like there’s no tomorrow leading to…

Step Six: MyBook Live being useless and sitting in my office like an ornament.

Step Seven: Spend £150 on another brands external hdd and start my photo collection from scratch.

I will never buy another WD product so long as I breathe.

What a ridiculously unreliable unfit for purpose piece of landfill that should never have been released by the company in the first place.

Big G

Wow, bad luck mate :dizzy_face:. I have one and I have never run into any type of issues. Did you tried to update the firmware or change the wall socket connection?