WISH: 3D Side by Side HUD Display

wouldnt it be easy to include SBS display to one of the next firmwares

e.g. an option in “settings” to display (in my opionion only the following would have to be implemented)

  • display would have to be done double (left have of the screen and the same on right half of the screen)


  1. at least timeline bar and symbols (with or without filename scroller) displayed during playback

  2. optional also the filebrowser screens (display type with video preview not supported)

would be great if possible . i mainly stream 3D sbs videos to my Epson EH TW9000W Beamer

and the display are extremly disturbing when i pause etc

kind regards 


Yeah, it would be handy, but knowing how the UI themes are created, it’d probably be fairly difficult.  

But the correct place to “WISH” for things is in the IDEAS LAB, but make sure you SEARCH, because someone else has probably already posted it, in which case you can VOTE for it.

sry for possible double post and for using the wrong thread / area, i#ll be aware next time, i promise . tnx 4 the hint

sad to hear its difficult in a theme

but has it to be in the theme ? or ist there a render layer / driver or something like this for the UI to place it instead

kind regards 


It’d probably be possible to cut the UI in HALF so that it’s only visible to ONE eye, but doing duplicate half-sized elements is what I think may not work.  

You might ask in the THEME forum if anyone is working on it…