Wirelessly streamed video pauses/stutters if video preview menu is enabled

Just realized, as I don’t usually have it enabled, that if I have this option enabled and start a movie, after a preview of maybe two or more, I get every 15/20 minutes 10/20 seconds, sometimes more, of very stuttery video but without it stopping entirely and then it continues normal. If I have this option disabled video streams perfectly.

This seems like some sort of memory leak as the video preview option should release the used memory after the video begins.

Need more information:

What WD device do you have?

What firmware version?

What kind of files are you trying to play?


Model: WD TV Live

Firmware: V.1.04.31

File type: AVI but it also happened with a MPEG2 video. 

Just so it’s clear with the video preview option disabled I have no wireless streaming problems at all with any files it just happens when enabled.