Wireless USB adapter drivers question

I bought a D-Link DWA-131 wireless usb adapter for the Live Hub and the question I have is, is it necessary to have the drivers on the CD the adapter comes with, installed on the Hub or your computer to get it to work properly?  I’m trying without the drivers right now and it usually works, but I often get disconnected, after shutting the Hub down.  The solution that works every time is to pull the adapter out of the Hubs USB socket, put it back in, and it reconnects.  Simply going throught the usual Network Setup on the Hub interface doesn’t work and I don’t understand how you can install the drivers on the Hub with the installation CD. I called up D-Link technical support and they said it’s necessary to install the drivers to get it to work, and that contrary to what the Western Digital web site says, this adapter won’t work with the Hub, since it’s not possible to install the drivers from the included CD.  Does anyone know if that’s really the case, or if there’s a working USB adapter that doesn’t need drivers installed on the Hub from a CD to work?  I would prefer one available at Fry’s or Best Buy.

No you don’t need the drivers on the CD (not possible to even install it on the hub).

But your adapter is on the list of compatible adapters.


You could try resetting the hub by pressing the bottom button with a paperclip / cocktail stick for 1 second and when releasing with the hub on and fully booted up - the hub should reboot. Sometimes this works if you have problems and its worth a try.

There seems to be a problem with that adapter and other WD media players. There was a beta firmware released for those, so you might have to wait until they do their next firmware release for the hub.