Wireless transfer Rate

Looking for some help on wireless transfer rates.

Scenario as follows:-

  • Transfer from laptop to buffalo linkstation wirelessly using 130mbps connection wireless N. Speeed of transfer shown as 6-7 MB/sec. Internal wireless Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

  • Transfer from laptop to wd tv live wirelessly wd has Linksys dual band wireless N WUSB600N attached and working and a wd hard drive attached via usb. Transfer rate achieved 2.21 MB/sec

  • Transfer from linkstation to wd TV same as transfer from laptop to wd tv.

  • Transfer from linkstation to laptop 3.77 MB/sec

Why is there such a difference between devices when they are all on the same network?

Any advice

…because the devices themselves are as different as night and day, and all are using different hardware.