Wireless streaming of High Def Videos

Hello WD geeks…

I am a WD TV Live Plus user for past 1.5 years.I am really happy with the way it performs so far.
I have two 1TB External Hard Disks attached to it with lot of Blue ray quality movies  and the internet was through a wired connection.
So streaming youtube  or watching an mkv movie from the Hard Disk was really easy and it worked always…

But recently we moved to a new place and I had relocate the modem to a storage area.
And it is very difficult to lay a wired connection from modem  to the WD TV .
So I am thinking of moving to the wireless option…( which leaves me only one USB port for the external  HD :frowning:

  1. I wanted to stream youtube and  HD quality videos from internet.
  2. I am also thinking of  getting wireless router/media server to hookup my Hard Disks and stream those HD movies wirelessly to WD TV.

I know the 1st can be done easily.
But have any of you tried the second setup successfully ? If yes can you provide me a wireless router/ USB adapter combination that is capable of handling high transfer rate.

I am talking about HD videos that are 15G to 25 G in size … (1080P with a higher Mbps rate).

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions…



ss471… I have been running a WD Live and Live Plus wirelessly for a few years now and as long as you are connecting 150 mbps or better, you should have no problems with 1080p. Matching the router to the USB N network adapter is critical. cj