Wireless Storage Upload Using Multiple IP Addresses to enhance personal cloud computing

As it has become standard for internet service providers to throttle upload capability limiting it to 4mbs at best we have a problem with a choke point in cloud computing and if you find a way to make this work it will make you famous. Let’s say that I REALLY was determined to get around this and wanted to double or triple my upload speed from my tower at home or business so that it could upload fast enough to respond to multiple devices. Lets say that I either payed for the ISP to connect multiple routers or had access to multiple routers. Now I need a wireless storage device that can use the multiple upload feeds simultaneously, effectively increasing the upload rate exponentially by how many wireless accounts I array to work together in this manner. Until the ISP’s change their upload policies I do not see any other means around this problem. Even if you could find a way to make different devices send and recieve switching between different wireless networks connected simultaneously much like our Multi-core prosessors handle multiple threads.