Wireless pro iphone backup issues

Hello, I have tried using the phone app today for my wireless pro. 1) Could I ask if it uses my data plan when I am backing up photos from my phone to the drive? 2) Also, I can’t tell if it is doing an automatic backup in future - how do I check to ensure that any new photos are promptly backed up? The app only seems to have a SD card automatic update option. 3) Upon backup, all the photos seem to be reflecting in my phone as a messed up order, not by date etc. Is there any way to see a preview or sort the photos by date so that I will be able to retrieve a certain photo I want? Thanks!

Just to add that what I mean is that when I upload photos from my phone, there is no thumbnail showing…


On My Passport Wireless Pro, thumbnails are only generated if the unit is plugged into an A/C power outlet and charging.
Thumbnails are not created if the unit is on battery power.