Wireless Pro cannot import RAW files from Nikon D850?!

Hi all, just a quick check. I was on the edge of getting a Wireless Pro, but came across this puzzling Q&A on this site. WD says that RAW images from the Nikon D850 RAW files cannot be imported using the SD Card Slot.

It’s strange because D850 RAW file thumbnails are supported, and the SDXC card it uses is also supported :frowning:

Can anyone verify this as soon as you can? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is there someone who can kindly help to check if a SD card from the Nikon D850 works, and if all files are transferred? Some users claim the transfer fails immaturely after a while. Thanks.


I confirm you can see nef files from Nikon D850 but firmware has to be updated to the latest version (01 august 2018).


Forgot to say that D850 nef files transfer from sd card works also fine


Hi Mh,

Thanks a lot for checking! Great to hear that D850 files are fully supported and transfers went fine!

Hi gnohz

Please read my post “lost and corrupted images” I have a D850 and. D3s had to use a card reader to download to WD PPW from the XQD and Compact flash cards …read my results and be careful

Thanks for your reply! It’s very unfortunate you lost files during the transfer. I will definitely keep that in mind :slight_smile: