Wireless Networks Keep Disappearing on N900


I recently (November 2012) purchased a N900 router (just the router, not the one with the storage). Since I’ve had it, the wirless networks keep randomly, but regularly, disappearing. When they disappear, I lose wireless connection on my devices altogether, and I have to reboot the router. Some days it’s fine, but other days its a pain in tha neck. Today, for example, I’ve had to reboot it 3 times so far, and the day isn’t over yet.

I’m using the latest firmware version (v1.05.12 - I checked with the WD website). When the wireless drops, I can’t even access the admin page via a wired link. The lights on thse unit are on, but I can’t connect to it by any means.

Has anyone else had this problem? I don’t expect this from an expensive high end home router. In fact I bought it based on a review that it was pretty stable. So far, for me, it’s been pretty far from stable.

Hi, I have the same problems both wirelessly and wired. A lot of people are having these problems with the lastest firmware version. I recently downgraded my N900, and now it’s more stable, but still disconnecting at random moments.

Hi LalaDK and thanks for replying.

After having posted this in the forum, I went digging a little more into the problem and, as you say, found there are lots of people with the same problem. That’s a real shame, because I really like the router, but I work from home a lot and have to VPN into my workplace and so I need a router that’s going to be reliable, which unfortunately this does not appear to be. Very very disappointing and frustrating given that it was so expensive.

Since reading more about these issues, I think I’ve decided that I really just don’t want the hassle and I’m going to send this back to the place I got it from and get an Asus RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’. It’s got less ports so, what with smart TV, Xbox, connection to the cable modem etc etc, means I’m going to have to buy an additional switch because 4 ports are not enough, but I’d rather do that than have the hassle of living with this problem.

So my question, in short, is whether you, or anyone else on this forum, know anything about the reliability of the Asus or whether I’d be moving from one disaster to the next?

Thanks for your assistance.

No clue on the Asus although my co-workers at work that sell them love them. My N900 has been dropping wireless randomly since the last firmware update, but the wired connection is fine. I can still connect to the router over wireless, it just stops connecting to the internet over wireless.

If it’s any help, I haven’t ended up buying a new one (not just yet anyway). What i did was to roll the firmware back to v1.03.11, and doing this has almost totally got rid of the issues I was having. I still have to restart every now and again, but by that I mean maybe once evey 10 days or so, rather than 3 or 4 times a day.

It may be overheating. I got the Dr cool router cooler, which stopped my router with current firmware from locking up every 24 hours or so. It did just lock up when I was trying to copy a 20gig file to my desktop, but I hadn’t turned on the fan in the Dr Cool. We’ll see how it goes.