Wireless networking with 802.11n enabled router / Modem

HI Guys,

I am the owner of an older WD Media player which I am very fond of. Playing all my media files of many different formats was a godsend.

However now that I have a broadband network setup at home and a 2 TB USB HD connected to my WD Media player, I am constantly unplugging my HD to attach it to my PC so I can copy over all my music, Home movies and bought videos.

Then I have to reconnect the HD to my WD media player.

What I would like to know is there any WIRELESS options to WD products that can connect to my Wireless broadband network ( other than the ethernet solution ) ? I really don’t want to go to apple for their solution.

Many thanks.

See section 1B of the FAQ.

Thanks for the reply.

I have been reading the networking solutions that were mentioned but still do not see how this will help me. My TV is in a seperate room in the house ( upstairs ), so I cannot connect my WD Media player to the network via Ethernet cable. How do you connect the WD live Media player via a wireless method.

Sorry I am a little confused on this issue.

Many thanks.

You plug in a supported Wireless Adapter and configure it to work with your WLAN in your house.

When you say older WD media player, do you mean that its not a Live.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, so are you saying that I plug in a selected wireless network adapter to the WD Live Media player USb 2.0 port and not use the ethernet LAN port at all ?

Many thanks.

No, YOU said you don’t want to use Wired.  :)     So, yes, if you’re using the WLAN adapter, you can’t use the WIRED port, and vice versa.

I use wired on all of mine except one.

Yeah I own an older WD Media player but have recently upgraded my home network to an entirely wireless setup, so I am planning on getting my WD Media player upgraded too, so its all wireles as well. I just want to make sure the new WD media Player Live can do it. then if it can I will buy it as the apple TV is not as good because of all the unsupported video file formats but it has a totally wireless connectivity as standard.

It can connect wirelessly, yes.   But don’t count on it to be a cure-all…   The nature of wireless means it will be performance limited.  

Beware that its proving difficult to get a supported WiFi adaptor for the WDTV Live. You must not only get the correct adaptor but also the correct revision / version number or it may not work. Unfortunately suppliers do not advertise these revision / version numbers and manufacturers seem to be always changing the internal chip without altering the model number.


So how do you think it will perform with video streaming of movie files over 1Gb ? Do you have any personal experiences of streaming media content via the wireless option ? Is there any well above average wireless USB WLAN adapters that are the best for WD ?

Its starting to sound like I should do some in house cable installation, to get it connected via the Ethernet port.

The Apple TV wireless connection and the streaming ability of large media files is really good. I just dont like the idea of having to rip all my files into the format apple wants ( I’ve got Gb’s of files ).

hmmm decisions decisions…

I have a solution for you. I am using a D-link DIR-655 router, wireless-n and I am streaming 4G movies wireless to another room in the house on a different level with no problems.

In the room where the WD Live Plus is located, I connect it as follows.

  • WD connected to DAP-1522 bridge via ethernet cable
  • WD connected to TV via HDMI
  • DAP-1522 bridge wireless-n to router in different room

This solution works great for me.  I tested a lot of USB wireless-n sticks and they do not have the range needed and run hot, so I would not recommend this approach.

Hope this helps solve your problem.  The DAP-1522 is about $75 but well worth it if you intend to stream movies wireless to a different room in the house.

i’ve had my Live Plus unit for 3 weeks now, using ASUS USB- N13 wireless  (on the approved list) from day one and

it works great !  i use my NAS unit’s ( http://www.ineotechusa.com/nas-index/nas-na316n1-r-3522.html )  torrent

function to get my vids, it sends me an email when completed and i just turn on the Live Plus to watch, no moving

drives, cables, etc   …cool