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I will soon be owning a WD TV Live Hub myself and would like to know what would be the best possible way for me to get it going with a wireless network. My current network (only one PC, Wii and the occasional PS3 and NDS connected wirelessly) runs through this modem:

2Wire Gateway 2701HG-G



I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64. If someone could please advise me on the best way to do this without costing me too much (above 100$), I would be grateful. Would a usb wireless adapter be enough for 1080i-1080p movies? If so, which one to choose?I can’t just run a cat5e cable through my computer room to my living room and disconnect it every time :S.

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Hi there, you’ll only need a wireless adapter, try to get a good one. Here’s a list of tested adapters but there are tons of others that will also work. I would stay on the list if I were you.

Thank you for the reply. However, I had already seen that list. What would the top three for you and/or others?


Your question for people to recommend the top three would imply that you expect people to buy MORE than three, and then rate them.

No sane individual would do that.  ;)

Now, I have only used one.   The CIsco WUSB600N.   And it works.  

Hello D-K,

Another possible solution is one that I just completed and related on a different thread. I tried one USB adapter (discovered too late that the purchased revision was not supported), then another USB adapter whose revision was supported (purchased a refurbished adapter). Neither worked for me.

So, not wanting to further over-work lenient return policies on USB wifi adapters which could not be readily identified visually by “supported revision or non-revision” I decided on a new Cisco WES610N dual band wireless bridge which comes with 4 gigabit ethernet ports on the back side.

I plugged it into power, pressed the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” buttons on my router and then on the bridge and within 2 minutes had a working connection. Plugged the WDTV Live Hub into one of the ethernet ports and was instantly up and running on 5g side of the router. Everything is working perfectly (so far) and I updated to the latest 2.07.17 FW via wifi without any issues (other than the apparently standard lengthy completion of the 2/2 step).

I couldn’t be happier as I’ve eliminated any/all of the “is this adapter and/or revision supported by the Hub” questions, plus now have 3 extra ethernet ports in the entertainment alcove, one of which is going to receive the ethernet cable from my Samsung LCD.

The Cisco bridge is not cheap ($130) but there is a single-port version (WET610N) for $100. But it did work for me and I’m pleased with the results so far.

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“Not Richard”

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Thank you for the answers. I am not that willing, for now, to buy a 130$ router just to use it with my WD live hub. I am already paying for a 140.00~150.00$ satellite dish subscription for my television which I hope, I will now be able to cancel.

However, if I was to do so, I do not have a ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ on my 2Wire router and as far as I know, my router only supports B/G wireless connections. I’m not that familiar on how bridges and such works.

Maybe for the time being, I should go with a wireless USB adapter and pray it’s the good revision.

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Sometimes we can be penny-wise, pound-foolish.  Others may disagree with me, but wireless B/G is not likely to work well if you are streaming 1080P content.  Using an "N’ router and “N” wifi adapter means you are far more likely to have satisfactory results.  And it’s a one-time purchase op[tion.  Any other wireless devices you have or intend to purchase will perform much better, too.  

Good luck.

I have been using Monoprice USB Wireless LAN 802.11N Adapter - 2T2R (300Mbps) http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10501&cs_id=1050109&p_id=8075&seq=1&format=2 without any issues. Speeds are good, it’s cheap and reliable.

I believe their Wireless 802.11N Router w/ WPS & WISP Function (300Mbps)  http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10521&cs_id=1052102&p_id=8070&seq=1&format=2 is good too. :smiley:

Sorry for reviving this thread but something changed. I am switching to fiber optic 25MBps with a wireless N modem. Yay Canada with its sucky speeds :S. Therefore, which in you guys opinions, would be my best bet as a wireless n usb adapter (I do need one right?)?

Thanks again!