Wireless N WPA Fix Snuck in!


Thank you!  I can finally use my 5.0Ghz band for my media meaning no more choppiness when the guys are transferring files over the wirelessl network!

I wonder what other things have been invisibly ‘fixed’ that aren’t in the notes :smiley:



ive been using the 5ghz band with the orig .00 firmware :wink:


Hey SeaUrchin, what firmware has you installed before and wich one are you using now ?
I´ve a Wireless N Linksys router and a Buffalo miniUSB N adapter in my WDTV Live but I’m not sure that it has the best performance…  :cry:


Same hare had no problems with 5ghz before the update…


I also have the Buffalo miniUSB N, and Wireless N Linksys router. Can’t even see the SSID for the wireless N =/.