Wireless N range **bleep**

I have multiple N devices and none of them get good signal.  THis router is brutal for N coverage.

When is WD going to address the issues with this router.  Getting peeved with random freezes, crappy range.

Can anyone recommend anything to improve the range(other than buying a new router)

What firmware are you running? I found 1.05.12 a nightmare, but 1.04.11 an acceptable one.

Where can I find 1.04.11? I can say that 1.05 has reduced my wifi speeds for this router. 

Hi Whositwhatnow, 

Just one question : have you been able to try another wireless router to make sure that the range problems you experience are related to the router ? 

A poor range can be caused my several factors if I am not wrong : distance, walls, interferences… 

In my flat, from the 2 current locations, I have good signal (full bars) everywhere. I use FW 1.06.18 which has now vanished but seems to be one that best fit my needs (but those are not wireless related).