Wireless N Connectivity Issue and Win7 Homegroup issue

I am unable to connect to my router under the wireless N configuration. In the WDTV Streaming Media Player Network setup menu there is nothing to specify what type of signal to configure. I changed my Cisco E2500 dual band router to Wireless G configuration on the 2.4hz platform and was then able to connect and stream. Player is supposed to be compatible with Wireless N.

I also found that in Win7 the pc must be removed Homegroup network in order for the player to connect to shares on the pc and to see media servers on said Win7 pc. Will there be updates to fix this issue in the future? I am now unable to connect with other pc’s on my home network because of this. Latest firmware was pushed out upon installing player for the first time. Any responses to these issues would be appreciated. Thanks!

Shares under Win 7 seem to be  a problem with the WDTV. Hit and miss. Will work  and then seconds later won’t. Best solution I have fouind is to follow the instructions on this video.


Ok the latest firmware has issues with the smp server which windows uses.

Easiest way to fix that is rool back to the last firmware tell they put out a new one (they are aware of the issue be fixed soon i suspect)


After you done that turn off auto check for firmware updates and check back here for the new one.

As for wireless n setup.

Use aes…tkip wont work for n

use wpa2 for encryption

20/40 mhz if it give you that optiion

The SMP’s wireless adapter is NOT dual band. Therefore, if you want Wireless N connectivity, you must set your router to use the 2.4 GHz band, and not the 5 GHz band.

What he said there is not as yet any dual band media streamers out although this is likely to change.