Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Freezing when WD Elements plugged in

My wireless keyboard and mouse stop working when I plug in my 2TB WD Elements external drive.

I can only plug it into a USB hub, because my computer is all USB-C.

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Hi @lrmeu,

Please refer to the article External Drive: USB Hubs or Cards Not Recommended: External Drive: USB Hubs or Cards Not Recommended

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I had a wireless mouse and keyboard that would freeze up whenever I plugged in my external hard drive, and it was really frustrating. One solution that worked for me was to switch to an infrared keyboard with a trackball instead of a traditional wireless one. Since theIR keyboard uses a different type of signal to communicate with the computer, it wasn’t affected by the interference from the external hard drive. Another thing you might try is plugging your WD Elements into a USB hub that’s farther away from your computer, if possible. Sometimes just moving it a few feet away can help reduce interference.