Wireless Keyboards?

Has anyone tried to use a wireless USB keyboard with the Hub yet?  Any success/failure?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work - they use the same drivers as a wired keyboard would.

They need to be seen as a “Generic HID” or something like that from Window’s point of view.   If they REQUIRE DRIVERS to work on Windows, then it probably WILL NOT work on the WDTV.

And I don’t mean drivers to enable the “special buttons” or whatnot; just drivers to make the regular keyboard function…

I’ve been using a wireless Logitech Wii keyboard for a while now.

Compact, decent range, looks nice, and can be bought for under $20 on Amazon.  

Someone mentioned that it’s discontinued now, so if you like the look of it, I’d grab one sooner rather than later. :wink:

Can you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate around the Mochi GUI?

Yes, the arrow keys work well for UI navigation; it’s fast and responsive.

During playback you can use Space to pause / resume.  The OK key (duplicates Enter) functions as the OK button on the Logitech Wii, which is nice!   I still use the remote mostly (habit) but keyboard is probably a little faster.

My only concern is the recent Live/Plus firmwares broke keyboard support (introduced nasty lag).  

Hopefully that doesn’t happen in the next Hub release…

I just hooked up a Logitech MK520 to mine. Works like a charm! WAY better than using the remote!

I’m using a   http://www.a4tech.com/product.asp?cid=100&scid=156&id=602

very cheap. Works like charm.I think 2 things are important:

  1. A wireless keyboard with PLUG-AND-GO RECEIVER

  2. You should completely turn off the WD device ,plug in usb receiver in it and then turn WD on.

Out of curiosity, I tested my Apple wireless keyboard using a Targus USB bluetooth adapter and that worked fine. :slight_smile:

WD is missing a bet by not selling an accessory bundle, on their WD store website, that would include a good tested wi-fi dongle and a nice small wireless keyboard. Or perhaps through a 3rd party retail partner. There’s probably more profit there than on the hub itself.

Has anyine tried the mini lenovo?


Best Buy carries the Arc by Microsoft. Compact size and it works very well with the Hub.

And Amazon sells the white version of the Arc keyboard.

Does apple wireless keyboard  works also on Live ? I have a CSR USB Bluetooth Device but it doesn’t work on wd tv live. Should I look for the Targus dongle ?


Just fyi: I didn’ t have too much luck using an iOne Scorpius P20 wireless keyboard (WDTV Live Plus with the new, buggy v1.04.17 firmware.

I got it to work briefly after much plugging/unplugging, fooling around with the “connect” buttons on both the keyboard & dongle, etc. Then I tuned the WDTV off/on, and I could never get it to work again.

The fact that it kinda works leads me to believe that it might work better with a future firmware update with improved USB keyboard support.  Before plunking down $50 for a Microsoft Arc or something, I’m gonna wait for a couple more firmware updates.

From what I’ve read about the latest firmware, it sounds like WD has a lot bigger issues to deal with than USB keyboard support! :wink:


I have the lenovo mini wireless keyboard N5901and it works

I’m using the Microsoft Wireless 3000 keyboard… It’s awesome!!! super responsive. I just plugged it in and it worked. I haven’t touched the remote since I got it. You must get one!!!

Microsoft Arc also works well for me on the WD TV Live Plus with the latest firmware.  Even the Home button works! ESC = back, I just don’t know what is equivalent to the search button, but no biggie (also type a little slower then you are used to so there is no lag).  Use my Harmony Universal Remote and Microsoft ARC keyboard, and no more cheesy WD remote, yeeeee.